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The Show Must Go On - Line....

The Covid - 19 Pandemic made me take a jump into online teaching. On a Thursday I took a course in how to use blackboard and on the Friday I was online taking my first class. The experience has been positive for the most. The new challenges were daunting at first but due to the fact that teachers everywhere were experiencing the same issues the support was tremendous. I learnt a lot from online forums and my colleagues. Going forward I feel that I still have lots to learn and I'd like to purchase some bits to improve the quality of my sound and have more flexibility with the images provided. I'd like to move beyond the frenzy of the technology to ensuring quality learning for my students. I feel less will be more in terms of using teaching tools and software. As they say "Content is King". In the next few weeks I will test some approaches to online assessment in music and exhibiting student work. However, I am open and willing for what the next stage brings!

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