Susan Motherway is an ethnomusicologist with special interests in the areas of Irish traditional music, folk theatre, music and identity, music and minorities, and cultural sustainability. Her PhD research "Mediating the Divide, The Globalisation of Irish Traditional Song Performance" provides a wide analysis of the music genre and documents evidence of change within the tradition in response to globalisation. This work was published by Ashgate Publications.  

Susan recently co-edited a volume of papers with Prof. John O'Connell entitled "Staged Folklore, The National Folk Theatre of Ireland 1968-1998" which will be published by Cork University Press in the summer of 2022. The work developed from a colloquium at the Folk Theatre in May 2018 to celebrate the theatre's 50th season of performances. It documents the development of the folk theatre and honours the work of its founder and artistic director Pat Ahern. The Arts Council of Ireland awarded this project a Deis Award. 



Susan was a founding member of ICTM Ireland and participated in the Council of the Society of Ethnomusicology (SEM). She also received the title of 'Visiting Research Associate' from Queens University Belfast. She is the recipient of many scholarships, including the UCC Undergraduate Scholarship and the ICUF Riverdance Award. She is also a member of music, creative arts and interdisciplinary research groups across the Munster Technological University. Susan has been invited to give seminars at major universities in Ireland and provided consultancy to local music education providers.

Susan's Resume is available for download on the Media page,

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